Wednesdays at Noon – Slow Yoga With Jenny Burrill

Jenny Burrill’s weekly yoga class at Old First (Wednesdays at 12 noon) is informal, fun and everyone is invited to drop in (no reservations or yoga experience needed). The method: “slow yoga,” which focuses on alignment and breath. Jenny feels this is the best way to get in touch with your body; when you align your body, you also align your mind. Slow yoga involves both stretch and strengthening; you’re balancing the skeletal muscles with a range of motion. Meditation is not as complicated as it sometimes sounds; it’s simply a state where the mind relaxes; it doesn’t actually turn off or shut off, but it learns how to relax. A true mind/body benefit in your busy, distracted life: slowing down and listening to your breath, transporting yourself into a meditative state of mind. Jenny says that yoga allows you to give your mind and body time and space, going to a place that can allow your mind to truly surrender. It’s actually the opposite of “escaping;” you’re connecting to your deeper self and the universe as a whole. It’s not as really as “far out” as it sounds – it’s a very simple human need. Get on Jenny’s email list and we’ll see you on Wednesday!