Girl Scout Troop 2302

On Sunday afternoons, Old First hosts Girl Scout Troop 2302 for girls in kindergarten through third grade. The meetings are from 4-5:15. All girls in those grades who want to participate in an introduction to Girl Scouts are welcome to join. Our next registration window will be in March – August for girls who want to start in the Fall.

The Troop is co-led by Jenn Cribbs, Dawn Saffayeh, and Beth Adams. You can find our more by contacting Beth at

aprilartsyoga3The Seed is the Word: An Arts and Yoga for Kids

Since 2004, Old First has hosted an annual, week-long arts program for children age 7-13. Founded in 2004 by dancer Jenny Burrill and artist Cecilia Whittaker-Doe–both members and elders at Old First–this uniquely-inspired arts week has primarily been offered free of charge to the community at large through grants from our Brooklyn classis. More recently a registration fee of $100 has been applied to help offset costs. Open to ages 7 thru 13, the program values kindness and respect across the age range.

Our theme “The Seed is the Word” was adopted from a stained-glass window in our historic sanctuary. Together we create new ways to discover, explore and express the gift and mystery of a seed.

YOGA & MOVEMENT: Jenny Burrill, Founding Director Through yoga postures, music, movement, and being still, participants experience self awareness, intuitive knowledge and inspired personal expression. This in turn informs our day for building community, making art, and creating a group ‘performance piece’.

VISUAL ARTS: Cecilia Whittaker-Doe, Founding Director Cecilia offers her expertise as a devoted professional artist. Drawing, painting, collage, and journaling are some of the techniques presented for individual self expression. Participants create a communal piece such as a large painting, table cloth or flags as seen in the photo above.

FEAST Traditionally a healthy hot lunch and snack prepared by senior attendees is shared by all. Depending on circumstances we may ask that lunch be brought by the child. Healthy snack will be provided. Please let us know if your child has any allergies.

THE WEEK culminates with an informal sharing of performance, art making and some healthy snacks for family and friends!

For more information, please email