Arts at Old First


3rd Annual Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash, Oct 2014

Arts at Old First carries out our mission to offer hospitality to creative and art-minded community groups. This includes the annual Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash, the annual Park Slope Messiah Sing-along, and various other events supporting the visual, literary, and musical arts. Arts at Old First events benefit the Old First ceiling restoration fund.

Join us for any of our annual Arts at Old First events:

  • Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash: You wouldn’t think of Brooklyn as the best place to hear bluegrass music, but the genre is thriving in our neighborhood. Thanks to organizer Michael Davies and his talented, passionate friends, this annual event is one of the most anticipated musical celebrations of the year. All proceeds go to the Old First Ceiling Restoration Fund.
  • Messiah Sing Along: Our 4th mission allows us to joyously partner with the Brooklyn Community Chorus, the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, and Congregation Beth Elohim for this memorable event. We join together to invite a diverse community to an annual interfaith celebration. You’re invited to sing along, or simply sit back and feel the energy. All proceeds go to the Old First Ceiling Restoration Fund.

We also provide hospitality to the visual arts community, including this suggestion to maximize your Lent experience:

  • The Stations of the Cross: The ancient practice of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, retracing the final journey of Jesus to the hill where he was crucified, is redeveloped here for those who cannot make the actual journey. Artist Scott Erikson has created a series of images that connect that tradition with the urgent questions people ask today.
Scott Erikson's Stations of the Cross

Scott Erikson’s Stations of the Cross, Holy Week 2016


Old First Messiah Sing Along, in partnership with Congregation Beth Elohim and the Brooklyn Conservatory for Music, Dec 2014

Workin' on a Building

First Annual Brooklyn Bluegrass Bash, Fall 2012. Used with permission.